Welcome to Relax and Rebalance Reflexology based in Guildford, Surrey.

Reflexology is an holistic treatment with the therapist using massage and pressure with fingers and thumbs on reflex points on the feet or hands. The body is mapped out on the foot and lower leg to correspond with the systems of the body including organs, skeletal, muscular, nervous and of course the endocrine system that manages our hormones.

Treatments will cover all systems of the body whilst paying special attention to any presenting condition that you would like to improve. Treatments promote deep relaxation and the pressure applied works on opening up energy channels and removing any congestion to create balance. When our bodies work in balance they are able to work more efficiently at dealing with everyday things such as fighting off the latest virus or handling stressful situations.

It is important to stress that Reflexologists cannot diagnose or cure. My treatments will always work alongside any allopathic treatment plan created by doctors or specialists if involved. I will provide feedback on my findings (areas of congestion and sensitivity) at the end of each treatment and keep records with these details for follow up and future appointments. I will also provide lifestyle suggestions if appropriate.

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Wellbeing, a sense of calm and contentment often connected to health, happiness and prosperity. Finding or reaching contentment is a personal quest likely to be influenced by changing circumstances around you or your experiences and expectations.  

Reaching a balance within the mind, body and spirit through deep relaxation and massage of the reflex points can open up energy and neural pathways, with recipients experiencing an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

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